Fred Lynn might’ve been a Hall of Famer if he’d stayed healthy — or in Boston

In January 1981, the Boston Red Sox traded Fred Lynn to the California Angels.

Lynn, who went to high school near Los Angeles and played college baseball for the University of Southern California, should seemingly have had cause to celebrate coming home. He did not.

I was really not happy about it, to be honest with you, Lynn told Sporting News this week.
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And for good reason. In the friendly confines of Fenway Park, long known to favor hitters, Lynn had a slash of .308/.383/.520, averaging 24 home runs and 102 RBIs per 162 games. His 141 OPS+ means he likely would have thrived anywhere in those years, though his raw stats would probably have been lower in another ballpark.

He could have found few worse new homes than Anaheim Stadium, though. In fact, along with injury problems in the second half of his career, it might have helped kill his Hall of Fame chances.

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As baseball fans, we should want to meet up with our co-workers at the water cooler on Monday morning to talk about the Sunday night game. We should want to discuss games with new fans. We should want to take our kids and friends to the game and be entertained by the whole shebang, not just two squads of Blade Runner replicants on the field. But most of all, as baseball fans, we should want the continued growth, expansion and engagement of the game.

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