Williams is still a wanted man around the league.

Ultimately, Williams saw his best opportunity to combine playing time with a chance to win in Cleveland, which has needed a backup point guard all season, since a knee injury to veteran Mo Williams ended his career in the fall. In fact, a source said, the Cavs had inquired about Williams even in the offseason, hoping to bolster their backcourt. At the deadline, though, the Cavs knew they need not give up anything to the Mavs for Williams, but only had to wait until he was set free.

Braydon Coburn Kids Jersey So Williams is here after a tortuous career path. He was granted exile after reaching stardom in Utah in 2011, spent four years as the out-of-shape face of a sputtering, bungling Nets franchise and was able to remake himself as an average, reliable point guard in Dallas. Now, he has a chance to rewrite his career story by playing the part of the knowing veteran who can plug the hole on a playoff roster.

Rod Streater Authentic Jersey For all his career faults, Williams is still a wanted man around the league. Playing for the Cavs figures to set up the final few years of his NBA life, whether in Cleveland or for some other contender.

In the end, it’s unlikely that Lavar Ball’s spouting off is going to cost his son at all in the draft. It could even be a slight help — if Lonzo excels despite the added scrutiny that comes with Lavar’s comments, it shows that he can handle pressure. There is a consensus that he will be a Top 3 pick, and that is not likely to change, no matter what his father says.

One scout compared Ball’s situation to that of Klay Thompson in 2011. While at Washington State, Thompson was cited for marijuana possession, and his father — former NBA star Mychal Thompson — said on his radio show in Los Angeles that some teams might look at his son and say, Hmmm, if this guy’s going to be this irresponsible, I don’t know if I’d want this type of guy on my team and want to invest all this kind of money him.

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