‘Hard Knocks’ shows life on the Bucs for Roberto Aguayo wasn’t pretty

After that we see the final meeting between Aguayo, Koetter and GM Jason Licht. Aguayo has since been picked up by the Bears, and speaking to reporters at training camp, the kicker talked about the interaction with cameras being around.

“I’ve had highs at Florida State and dealing with the media coming into the NFL, there were highs, there were lows. At the end of the day, I know the type of man I am. I know the integrity and what I have inside me. That doesn’t define me as a man. I’m defined by how I keep my head up and keep pushing. That’s in the past now.

“You’re getting everything you want. You’re getting all the shots you want, you’re playing for a great coach, when the game is on the line they’re coming to you, you’re playing on national TV every week. To me, I don’t get it. Everybody has their own desires. Maybe he wants to be Russell Westbrook and go try to win the MVP and get all the shots. That’s the only thing sense I can make of it and to me that doesn’t make sense.”

Billups went on to explain why he shot down the Cavs job. While reports claimed money was the issue (ESPN reported the Cavs’ offer was $1.5 million, which is well below the typical starting point of about $4 million), the former NBA star said it had to do with the team’s roster.

What bothered me more than if LeBron left or not was I didn’t think they had great assets if you have to do a rebuild. It was more that than Bron. Bron and I have always had an amazing relationship.”

Billups’ decision makes a lot more sense now than it did when he first turned them down. Instead of trying to revive a dying franchise, he has a job as an analyst at ESPN where he gets to remain in the sport.

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