We’ve gone over the issue of public sports proposals in the past

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He’s not the fastest to 1,000 hits, nor is he the youngest to accomplish the feat. But that’s just fine. Trout doesn’t have to be the absolute best at every single thing: He puts himself in the conversation for enough things that his candidacy to eventually be the best ever remains.

Again, baseball is rude as hell, crushed dreams, etc., but you can see the path laid out before him, and if he manages to avoid the traps and pitfalls and wild, hungry bears, maybe we’ll have something to talk about on this topic 10 or 15 years from now.

Before we stray off the path ourselves, let’s get back to that 1,000th hit. Trout turned 26 Monday, but his seasonal age is 25 — and the list of players who collected their 1,000th career hit during their age-25 season is an impressive one:

Authentic Brian Roberts Jersey We’ve gone over the issue of public sports proposals in the past (spoiler: don’t do them). However, there is going to be a fraction of the public who insist on taking a moment during a sporting event or gathering to put it all on the line for one big question.

It’s at this moment that everyone in attendance has a vested interest. They are invited into a private moment and as such have a right to enjoy your happiness or soul-crushing despair, depending on the answer. The problem is that up to this point we’ve been entirely reliant on stadium PAs or announcers to tell us what happened, until now.

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