Green Bay traded down and ended up with Louisville’s Jaire Alexander, while Minnesota stayed put and got UCF’s Mike Hughes at No. 30.

Would it finally break in the Capitals’ favor? Of course not. Bonino scored the series winner 6:32 into overtime to send Pittsburgh to the Eastern Conference Final. At least it helped give us the origins of the “Bonino, Bonino, Boninooooo!” call from Hockey Night Punjabi.

Howie Kendrick (R), 14.5 percent, Washington Nationals at New York Mets (LHP Steven Matz): With Daniel Murphy (knee) expected to remain sidelined until next week, the vet has some short-term utility as a fill-in at either second base or left field. Kendrick enjoyed a .385 wOBA against southpaws in 2017 and has gone 3-for-10 against them to start 2018.

Neither corner should have gone ahead of Jackson, the Iowa prospect who wasn’t taken in Round 1. Alexander has more flair, but Jackson is more well-rounded. Hughes might be limited to slot duty, while Jackson has more immediate starting ability outside. Jackson would fit the Colts early in Round 2.

Rozier: “You have to fight, and that’s what we did. We had each other’s back, and we never stopped believing that we were going to win, and we did what we have to do in overtime.”

Stevens: “Sometimes I think they’re at their best when those things happen, you know? I think it’s just a resilient group of kids. Not kids, men.”

There are multiple ways Carolina could go with pick No. 24 given the number of needs they have, particularly for an impact starter. If they aren’t quite sold on Reid, Moore or others available at those positions, then they should have a few other options from which to choose.

“Obviously we would love to keep adding parts to the secondary,” said Hurney. “I do think if we can help the secondary, if we can help the pass rush, if we can add skills players on the offensive side of the ball, that’s something we’d love to do while still keeping our offensive line and defensive line strong because really that’s the key. You’ve got to protect the passer and you’ve got to rush the passer.”

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