Super Bowl score: Seahawks, Patriots tied after 1 quarter of play

Super Bowl 49 is officially underway, and after one quarter of play, the game is all tied up. The New England Patriots were closest to scoring, but were picked off by the Seattle Seahawks just outside of the end zone near the end of the quarter.
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The Seahawks won the coin toss, elected to defer, and managed to hold the Patriots to a single first down before the first controversial call of the game came through. The Seahawks were called for running into the kicker on New England’s punt, but the Seattle player clearly ran into the plant leg of the punter, which should draw a 15-yard roughing penalty, giving the Patriots a first down. It was called wrong and Seattle took over.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have publicly voiced that they had no knowledge of the inflation of the game balls. Privately, they’ve maintained the same statements. Rapoport reported Brady told someone close to him that he works with the footballs all week, but has no idea what happens to them on game day.

The NFL hired Ted Wells to launch an investigation into the deflated balls. The investigation should take several more weeks.

Game Womens Salvador Perez Jersey The Kings, defending Stanley Cup champs at the time, figured adding one of the top defensive assets available would push them over the top. They figured wrong. Although the Kings were desperate for defensive help, Sekera simply wasn’t a big enough boost to get them into the playoffs — he registered only four points after the trade — and the loss of the first-round pick was a significant blow to GM Dean Lombardi, who didn’t have the cap space to re-sign the pending free-agent Sekera. You don’t hit if you don’t swing, but this was one of those deals that in hindsight would have been better left undone for the Kings.